Our Partners

Jacob's Canine VETiquette


 Founded by Cathy Stephens, Jacob's Canine VETiquette is a 501(c)3 organization that trains service dogs for all purposes such as:  PTSD, brain injury, handicapped wheelchair mobile individuals and of course Veterans. All Veteran's with PTSD will be provided service dog training at no cost. 

Axios Investigations Firm



Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) is a veteran-owned and operated Investigations and Security Consulting Agency. The company is comprised of some of the best Investigators, Intelligence Analysts, Corporate Researchers, and Protection Specialists in the industry. Our network consists of tier-one Special Operations Veterans (E.G.: Rangers, Delta, or Green Beret), FBI, CIA, Deputy Sheriffs, SWAT, and research specialists.

We have over 30 years of combined experience in investigations, research and security operations. We live and work by our company motto: Semper Nobis Vigilandum – Ever Vigilant.

Blue Line Roasting Co.


Blue Line Roasting Company was established in Southern California; owned and operated by a law enforcement officer. The company was created to help families of police officers who have fallen or been injured in the line of duty. We donate a portion of all proceeds to professionally recognized organizations who support, educate, and train our law enforcement community and their families.

We are the thin blue line.



 Dan Jarvis, the founder of 22ZERO, served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry Squad Leader in two combat tours - Iraq and Afghanistan.  During these deployments, he suffered multiple blast injuries resulting in traumatic brain injuries. This is what led him to create 22zero. Their mission is to reduce suicides in the active military, veteran, and first responder communities through awareness, education, and connection. 

Dogs Of War Inc


Apparel, Production, and Consulting Company created by 2 of the Corps Misguided Children. Not only are we a Company for Veterans but all who support Veterans as well. 

Liberty Bell Customs


Welcome to Liberty Bell Customs, the patriot’s choice of art! Specializing in weapon concealment furniture and décor and patriotic artwork. We help you show your pride in your country, your service, and your right to bear arms!!!




LifeWaters is a St.Louis based organization and program that is designed to help improve the lives of our Veterans, First Responders, and Civilians including those with mobility impairments. Lifewaters does this by offering discover scuba and scuba certifications through Scuba Diving International (SDI) (Scubility Program) as part of recreational water therapy. The program is ran by dedicated staff volunteers to include SCI therapists, doctors, nurses, veterans and civilians who are passionate about bringing the healing potential of
​scuba diving to those who need it most. 
LifeWaters offers different services depending on your needs, desires, and skill level. We believe everyone can experience the beauty, serenity, and joy that diving can provide. Whether that is through our amputee scuba diving, disabled veteran scuba diving, or other scuba diving programs. We have the experience and passion to help you succeed. We accept all disabilities. 

Forging Forward Foundation



In April 2007 Bobby Henline came home from his 4th deployment to a war zone barely holding on to his life in a medically induced coma.  Doctors said there was no medical explanation why he was alive.  He feels he should have died with the other four men in the vehicle but didn’t.

Bobby has learned over the years how to battle the demons of PTSD, Survivors Guilt, Emptiness and Isolation.  He knows the darkness of feeling lost and detached from friends and family.  Many nights he prayed to God to let him die in his sleep.

For over 10 yrs, Bobby has traveled the world sharing his story inspiring others and being inspired by others.  With supportive friends, Bobby started the Bobby Henline Foundation dba “Forging Forward” to help others like him, Military, First Responders, and their families.

Forging Forward's goal is to help them find their outlet, show them how to use the tools and weapons Bobby has been using for years to battle and live with his "new" normal to help them find their "new" normal, and to help them look deep inside and ask not "What’s wrong with me?" but to rather “What is Strong with Me?

Honor & Respect LLC


Honor and Respect LLC was started in 2019 by Ron Slagle. I'm a police officer in Marion, IA, a U.S. Air Force veteran, a high school coach, father and husband. I am honored to be a part of something much larger than myself, my way of helping the ones who help all of us.

We have seen the statistics on mental health needs and suicide amongst first responders and know they continue to increase. We want people to know that help is here and more help is on the way. We considered how we could help and show the rest of the country that by doing something small with a lot of love, you can make a difference.  In this profession you never accomplish anything without the help of others. I reached out to my friend Mike O'Donnell and together we have created the Honor and Respect athletic shoe. We created the shoe for one purpose and that is to help the first responders so that they can continue to help all of us.

Consider the way you can help first responders by purchasing your pair of Honor and Respect shoes.

Hero Labradors


  Hero Labradors' mission is to breed and select Labrador Retrievers of the highest quality, possessing the aptitude for service dog training, and to provide these dogs at no cost to service dog training programs. Selected programs agree to train and provide these dogs at no cost to disabled American Veterans, their Families, the Military Community, and First Responders.  

5 Alarm Logistics


We are a small town home based business located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Our purpose is to design and create custom items that mean something to us and our customers!

Custom Decals & Apparel

Mourning Bands

Honor Ribbons

And more...

Code 9 Heroes and Families United


 Founded by Deborah Ortiz, their mission is to work towards positive change in the First Responder culture as well as raise awareness, advocate and educate on the devastating effects of PTSD for First Responders and famalies that could lead to suicide.